How It Works

The UCI Consent-to-Contact (C2C) Registry has been designed to help match interested members of the community with clinical research studies at UCI. It is critical to find the right people for studies to help accelerate understanding of aging and disease, improve diagnosis and treatment, and find improved treatments and cures for life-threatening illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Here is how the UCI C2C would work for you!

Annual Update

As a member of the Registry, you will be contacted annually to see if you wish to continue and to update your information with any changes to your medical situation or research preferences. This way we will have any new information that might qualify you for a current or upcoming study.


Opting Out

You can opt out of the Registry at any time but we would urge to keep your name and information on file as new studies are being started frequently every year.

Step 1- Enroll in the program

We estimate that we will need as many as 100,000 people in the UCI C2C Registry by the year 2018. You can provide only your email address to receive flyers and notifications about studies, or you can proceed to step 2, which will help UCI researchers match you quickly to only the most appropriate studies.

Step 2- Evaluating Your Medical History

You and your medical history, along with your research interests, will be evaluated against current studies that are looking for candidates. You might even be identified for one that is coming up in the near future.

Step 3- Notification of a Match

If you meet the initial qualifications for a study that fits your desired interests, you will be contacted to discuss the study or even come in for a meeting to learn more about it and determine if it makes sense for you to participate.

Your information will be used only by qualified researchers at UCI, who have permission from the registry operators and the UCI Institutional Review Board. We will never share your information with insurers, pharmaceutical companies, or other entities outside of UCI.  For more information, please see our C2C Privacy Policy.