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Access to C2C data

UCI C2C data are freely available to all UCI researchers.  Please click on the link below to request UCI C2C data. In some cases, approval from the UCI Institutional Review Board (IRB) may be required before data can be sent.

Conduct of studies using C2C data

Successful execution of a study involving C2C data will consist of

  • Identifying the scientific goals of the study
  • Constructing testable hypotheses that can be addressed using existing C2C data
  • Constructing an analytic plan designed to achieve the proposed scientific goals of the study
  • Determining the study variables, selecting the variables from the datasets in which they are stored, and merging the selected variables into one or more datasets for analysis
  • Performing the statistical analyses of the data.

Please refer to the paper on constructing the C2C Registry:

Grill, Joshua D., et al. “Constructing a Local Potential Participant Registry to Improve Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Research Recruitment.” Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, vol. 63, no. 3, 2018, pp. 1055–1063., doi:10.3233/jad-180069.

Requesting Data

Researchers may request access to C2C data by completing the data request form provided at the link below.  When requesting data, please fill out as much of the form as possible. Much of the necessary information for a data request can be obtained from the data dictionary.  

Please click on the button below to begin a data request.

Ongoing studies data repository

After requesting and being granted access to C2C data, once finalized, the dataset will be sent to the researcher.  Researchers may download the data to their desktop computer for use.  While data are de-identified, by agreeing to use C2C data, researchers must store all data on a password-protected machine in a locked office.  Access to C2C data is only permitted to those individuals listed on the data request form.


All publications using C2C data should acknowledge the following

The C2C Registry was made possible through a philanthropic gift from HCP, Inc.”

Please also acknowledge the following grant numbers: P30AG066519 and UL1 TR000153