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UCI C2C Registry reaches 500 participants!

Por Noticias

On Tuesday night, the UCI Consent-to-Contact Registry reached 500 fully-enrolled participants!

Thank you for your willingness to help move research faster toward cures. To date, 9 studies have recruited participants via C2C, and 68 people have been matched to a study. If you have not yet been contacted to participate, do not worry; new studies are recruiting from the C2C registry every week.

We strive to constantly improve our registry to be the most effective and efficient tool for UC Irvine researchers and the general community. Feel free to email us o leave a comment in the C2C community blog. We welcome feedback from participants.

Participants are the most valuable resource to research. By being willing to learn about and participate in studies, you aid potentially lifesaving research that can’t succeed without people like you.

Thank you for joining this registry and spreading the word about C2C to your friends and family. Our goal is to enroll 1000 people in Orange County in our first year. Together, we’ll work to accelerate research to find cures for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and other dreaded diseases.

With gratitude,

The UCI Consent-to-Contact Registry Team

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